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Preventive Care

We will make personalized recommendations for your pet based on their individual risk factors as well as diseases common in our area.



Offered during normal operating hours for pets needing in-hospital monitoring, testing, and treatment.   If your pet needs continued hospitalization after hours, we may recommend referral to a local 24-hour facility (see Emergencies section).


All pets undergoing an anesthetic procedure receive a comprehensive physical examination and bloodwork prior to the procedure to asses overall health and internal organ function.

We use human grade anesthesia and each pet's anesthetic drugs are tailored to the individual pet and include injectable and inhalant anesthesia.   A tube is placed directly into the trachea in order to administer oxygen and the anesthetic gas directly to the lungs.   Every pet is monitored closely by a trained veterinary technician using modern monitoring equipment that tracks heart rate, heart rhythm, blood pressure, oxygenation, and temperature.


All surgical patients receive appropriate multi-modal pain management before, during, and after surgery to minimize discomfort and speed recovery time.

Dental Care

Prescription Diets


Fully stocked to include pain medications, antibiotics, etc.

Health Certificates

Integrative Treatments