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About Sarver Animal Hospital

We are a full service veterinary clinic serving the needs of dogs and cats in Sarver, PA and the surrounding area. At Sarver Animal Hospital we believe pets are part of the family, and our mission is to improve the health and well-being of all pets through high quality medicine. Whether it be a new kitten or puppy’s first veterinary exam, or management of a geriatric pet’s chronic illness, we are here to provide care.

Our veterinary staff takes the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and provide clear, actionable advice. 

We foster a collaborative environment that benefits the well-being of your furry family members.

We understand the unique needs of dogs and cats and tailor our medical approaches to ensure each pet receives individualized treatment and care


We Are Fear Free Certified Professionals

Choosing a veterinary clinic with Fear Free Certified professionals, like those at Sarver Animal Hospital, offers significant benefits for both pets and their owners. This certification indicates that the staff has undergone specialized training to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets during their visit. This approach leads to a more positive experience, encouraging pets to be more cooperative and reducing the stress associated with veterinary visits. As a result, pets can receive the care they need with minimal discomfort, making routine check-ups and treatments a smoother process for everyone involved.

Fear Free Certified professionals employ gentle handling techniques, create a calming environment, and use strategies tailored to each pet’s individual needs, ensuring visits are as stress-free as possible. This level of care can significantly enhance the quality of the veterinary services provided. When pets are calm and relaxed, it’s easier for veterinarians to conduct thorough examinations, accurately diagnose conditions, and deliver effective treatments. Moreover, a fear-free environment promotes stronger bonds between pets, their owners, and the veterinary team, building trust and making future visits easier.

Knowing that your pet is in the hands of professionals dedicated to not just their physical health, but also their emotional comfort, provides peace of mind. It underscores the importance of choosing a clinic committed to the highest standards of compassionate and empathetic veterinary care.

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Why People Like Sarver Animal Hospital

People choose Sarver Animal Hospital for our unwavering commitment to compassionate and quality care for their pets. We’re not just a veterinary clinic; we’re a community where pet owners find peace of mind and pets receive the best in health care. Our dedication to modern practices, coupled with a warm, friendly environment, makes us the preferred choice for pet care in the Sarver area.

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Team Members

Led by Dr. Milligan and Dr. Lee, our team is highly skilled and many are Fear Free certified.

Fear Free Certified Professional

We are highly aware of triggers of fear, anxiety and stress in pets, and have solutions to help!

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We offer easy appointment scheduling through our website, making it easy to reach us.

Sharing the Journey

From puppy or kitten to when your pet is in their golden years, we are here for you!

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